School groups / School Challenges
Private groups
Bachelor parties
Birthday parties
Corporate Challenges
Mobile (any suitable venue of your choice)
Inflatable paintball field

All equipment supplied
No experience needed
Dress: sport casual

Packages Available - Please email to book

*Bungee @ R350.00 per jump
*Bungee Second Jump R250.00 p/p
*320m Foofy + Swing R300.00 p/p
*Bungee/Swing/Foofy - R480.00p/p
*Bungee+Swing+Foofy+Burma R600.00 p/p
*Burma + Swing + 320m Foofyslide @ R350.00
*Abseil R200.00 p/p Min 6 Booking essential

Minimum fee R2200.00 per group of 10 people there after R220 p/p additional (If you are less than 10 people minimum charge of R2200.00 applicable)- Booking essential

Bungee Photos Availalble R50.00 p/p


click on foofyslide to go to activity
click on burma bridge to go to activity
click on bridge swing to go to activity
click on paintball to go to activity