Frequent ask question


 What is the jump height and how many can jump per day ?

Typically we jump from heights in excess of 50 meters and can maintain jump of ratio of around 15 per hour .

 Are their any bungee jump restrictions ?

YES. Participants must be over 14 years of age and in good health and / or between 40kg to 100kg. Everyone must sign a declaration of sound health and indemnity, to be endorsed by a parent or guardian if the jumper is under 18. There are some medical restrictions and these will be clearly displayed on the INDEMNITY forms.

People with physical disabilities eg. (deaf blind, people with prostatic limbs )may also be able to take the plunge. We have jumped paraplegics (special occation), for whom the experience gives a special satisfaction.

 Who bungee jumps and why?

Bungee jumping is a great leveler and anyone, not only the young and the brave can take part.

Although the jump itself takes only a few seconds the memory will last a lifetime. .

 Are there any strong forces on the bungee jumpers?

NO.  We use elastic shock cord which absorbs the g-forces involved gradually so that the jumper is slowed at a steady rate, giving a smooth and thrilling bounce.

What happens on the day?

After signing an indemnity form,you will be harnessed and then directed to your chosen activitiy, Following a further check you will then be attached to the specific activity....

After being dispatched from the Jump Stations and having successfully completed your activity, you will experiencing the sensation of Post Adrenalin Euphoria, which affects people in many different ways, i.e. uncontrollable laughter, the odd tear or it has been known for a swear word or two to be uttered.

Do we jump in the rain?
No we dont jump in the rain

What is bungee cords made of ?

Latex rubber

What if i decide not to jump?

If you have purchased your jump ticket and decide not to jump, it is unfortunately not refundable nor transferable.





click on foofyslide to go to activity
click on burma bridge to go to activity
click on bridge swing to go to activity
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What do i wear?

Sport casual clothing, comfortable shoes that can be tied (Tekkies), and no slip-ons

Do i have to book?

No, not if you are less that 10 people, but if you are more than 10 people you can make a booking, bookings will only be entertained if full payment has been received. Group booking must be booked during office hours Monday - Friday.

Can we jump during the week?

Yes if you are 10 and more jumpers we open any day of the week.

Size of groups?

Maksimum 80 jumps per day.


Bungee Mogale have a 100% safety records

Is there a restaurant and accommodation available?

Yes, we do have a restaurant and accommodation @ the bungee facility -