The Burma Bridge is a hanging bridge, consisting of a 4- cable system, 120m across the King’s Kloof Valley and approximately 60m high above the ground.

The Burma Bridge consists of a bottom cable, which you walk on; connected to two cables, which are "hand rails". Wearing a harness, which is connected to a cable above your head. Even the slightest breeze has you wobbling precariously over to the one side.

The famous words “don’t look down” are totally negated here, as you have to concentrate on placing your feet neatly on the bottom cable, while staring wide-eyed down at the potential plunge. Even though you know that, you cannot fall because you are strapped in and connected to the top cable.

No Experience needed
All Ages
Minimum of 10 people during the week

Packages Available - Please email to book

*Bungee @ R400.00 per jump
*320m Foofy Slide @ R150.00 per ride
*Bungee Second Jump R300.00 p/p
*320m Foofy + Swing R350.00 p/p
*Bungee/Swing/Foofy - R650.00p/p
*Bungee+Swing+Foofy+Burma R800.00 p/p
*Burma + Swing + 320m Foofyslide @ R500.00
*Abseil R250.00 p/p Min 10 pax Booking required

email for more info

Bungee Photos Availalble R100.00 p/p

Please NOTE you will only receive your photos three working days later.


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